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About us

About „Metransa“ UAB

The company was established on 26 February 2001. It is registered in the State Register of Waste Managers (Register No. REOBJ0013342) and is licensed to handle  dead lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, alkaline batteriesoil-filled transformersused hydraulic (oil) shock absorbers, etc. (hazardous waste management licence No. 000453).

By Order No. AV-50 of 22 February 2013 and amendment No. AV-17 of 27 January 2015 of the Director of the“ Environmental Protection Agency, Metransa UAB has been included in the list of waste managers authorised to issue proof of product and/or packaging waste management. The Environmental Protection Agency has also issued Pollution Certificate No. TL-V.7-16/2014. Since December 2012, the company has been a member of the Association of Secondary Waste Processing Companies.

The waste site of Metransa UAB is located in Vilnius at V.A. Graičiūno g. 10A. The territory covers an area of 0.5 ha with a metal hangar-warehouse of 1,000 m2. The site is equipped with hydraulic presses, gas and diesel loaders, metal cutting and sorting equipment, manipulator trucks, container transportation vehicles, vehicle scales with a capacity of 60 tonnes, etc. Currently, Metransa UAB has 27 employees.

We purchase and manage scrap metal of various dimensions, metal equipment, structures or their components (if necessary, we disassemble them), electric wires and cables, metal packaginglead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, alkaline batteriesoil-filled transformershydraulic shock absorbers. We manage waste not only on our site, but also in the locations specified by the clients. We can remove scrap metal and other waste with our own transport. We can also provide businesses with containers for collecting scrap metal and batteries that accumulate during their economic activity. We replace the containers at agreed-upon intervals.

Scrap metal and waste export accounts for 60 % of Metransa UAB turnover.

Our foreign partners include companies based in Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, and Asia.


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